Independence Day Fireworks 2023

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Long exposure images of 4th of July fireworks of St. Simons Island, GA taken from the north end (near fishing pier) of Jekyll Island, GA.

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The majority of fireworks are part of the Golden Isles 4th of July celebration on St. Simons Island with some stray private fireworks captured. The fireworks begin at about 9:14pm and lasted until 9:38pm; the captured images are timestamped. The images were taken on the beach of Jekyll Island across the St. Simons Sound

Apart from the fireworks, the light from the St. Simons Lighthouse can be seen on the bottom right; the pier can also be seen, but its lights were turned off during the display.

Long exposure firework 1/9

80mm 60" (30" each) f/22 ISO50 (ISO100 each) stacked exposure 21:28 & 21:31

Long exposure firework 2/3

80mm 30" F/13 ISO100 21:24

Long exposure firework 3/9 Long exposure firework 4/9

Left or top: 38mm 30" F/22 ISO100 21:31
Right or bottom: 80mm 30" F/22 ISO100 21:29

Long exposure firework 5/9

70mm 45" (15" each) F/32 ISO33 (ISO100 each) stacked exposure 21:37 - 21:38

Long exposure firework 6/9

80mm 30" F/13 ISO100 21:18

Long exposure firework 7/9

70mm 30" F/22 ISO100 21:34

Long exposure firework 8/9

80mm 30" F/22 ISO100 21:30

Long exposure firework 9/9

80mm 30" F/22 ISO100 21:27

These images are taken with a Nikon D5600 through a Nikon DX 18-140mm.

Images July 4th, 2023. Web July 6th, 2023. Hsing Lo.
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