This project has been put on indefinite hiatus since July 2022.

Catalog of Lunar Photographs by Hsing

It is a lot of effort to host the images myself so I've created an Instagram page for this project

This is an ongoing project where I take a picture of the moon everyday if conditions allow. I aim to create a catalog of pictures spanning months that can used as a part of other projects.

Images will only exist on days with relatively good whether condition & seeing, and that the moon is at a high enough altitude.

Information about the images

The main scope used in all the images is a Sky-Watcher Classic 200p with a focal length of 1200mm at F/6. Most images are taken through a Celestron Omni 2x barlow. The camera used is a Nikon D5600.

Using lucky imaging, most of the photographs are stacked from a video. PIPP is used for preprocessing, Autostakkert is used for stacking, Registax is used for sharpening, and Darktable is used for adjustment between the steps.


Unless otherwise specified, I'm observing from around 32°N and 81°W.


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