Twitter/Discord Snowflake ID Decoder

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(failure to set this correctly will cause time to be off by about 5 years)

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explanation ▲▼

This is a web app that decodes the Twitter Snowflake format and extract its timestamp.

If you need to set your own epoch, open console and call userSetEpoch()

The Snowflake format is a scheme made by Twitter to assign unique identifiers that can be sorted by time but does not require coordination between machines and processes. This format is now also used by services like Discord and Instagram with different epochs. Things like Tweets, Twitter messages, Discord accounts, guilds, channels, and Discord messages are labeled with a Snowflake, typically found in the URL, which can be decoded and its creation date and time down to the millisecond will be known. Note that tweets made before November 4th, 2010 will not be labeled with a snowflake thus cannot be decoded with this app.